3 Common Parking Lot Liability Issues

Many business and property owners are surprised to learn that they can be held responsible for injuries and accidents that occur in their parking lot. Parking lots and asphalt are subject to everyday wear and tear, and this usage can result in dangerous conditions. The following are some of the most common parking lot issues that can cause injuries or collisions.

  • Poor lighting. Poor lighting can cause a number of issues in a parking lot. Poor lighting makes it more likely for pedestrians to get hit or otherwise injured by moving vehicles. It also masks potholes and other issues, leading to an increased chance of vehicle damage. If your parking lot lighting isn’t up to par, install or repair lights on your property.
  • Poor security. Poor security is an issue that commonly stems out of a lack of proper lighting. If your parking lot and the area around your lot isn’t secure, criminals and thieves can begin congregating on your property. You can help reduce crime by adding cameras to your parking lot and the exterior of your business. Even dummy cameras are usually enough to deter criminals if they can see them and they believe they might be on camera.
  • Pavement problems. Like any other tool or space your business uses, failing to maintain the condition of your parking lot can lead to injuries. Potholes, crumbling corners, and cracks can all lead to liability issues. Take a walk around your parking lot and look for hazards. If you notice any potholes, make appointments to have them filled. If heat damage, cracking, or any other minor issues are causing problems, take preventative measures by calling a professional team of asphalt sealing contractors in Camden County.

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