3 Ways to Protect Your Parking Lot Against Winter Damage

Holiday lights are twinkling, and the temperatures are getting colder — winter is officially here!  While winter weather might make for a beautiful holiday, it can also cause major damage to parking lots. Use these tips to help protect your parking lot before the snow arrives — and enjoy a safer space when spring rolls around.

  • Make the plow’s job easier. Snow plows help remove snow and ice from your parking lot — an important step in protecting against damage. However, if there are shopping carts, trash, or other stray items on your lot that a plow can run over, a plow can easily damage your asphalt. Clear all objects from your parking lot before a snowstorm to ensure that the plow doesn’t damage your lot.
  • Shovel as often as possible. If you allow snow to hang around your parking lot, water can seep into the cracks in your asphalt. When the water freezes and expands, the cracks and potholes in your lot can get bigger. Prevent excessive damage by shoveling as soon as possible after a snowstorm.
  • Repair your potholes before the snow arrives. If you wait until the snow arrives to fill in your potholes, you’ll see more damage to your lot after winter. Protect your customers and your investment by filling your potholes now. If you have a pothole or crack on your lot that requires professional repair, contact Asphalt Pavement Solutions to schedule large parking lot pothole repairs in or around Burlington County before the problem gets worse.

Asphalt Pavement Solutions is a full-service asphalt management and repair service with over 35 years’ experience serving the communities of New Jersey. We use unique, top-of-the-line infrared technology to fill potholes on your lot while also seamlessly blending with existing asphalt. If you have a pothole or crack in a large parking lot, and you need pothole repairs in Camden County and the surrounding region, don’t wait — contact us today to get your free quote.