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Trusted Asphalt Companies

Selecting an asphalt contractor to perform work on your property may not be a responsibility that you deal with on a daily basis. If all asphalt companies provided the same quality of work, showed the same respect for their customers’ property and dealt with every customer in an honorable manner, you could simply choose the contractor…

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Parking Lot Safety Suggestions

Perhaps you are someone who takes safety very seriously. You wear your seat belt, make sure that all of your vehicle’s lights are operational and obey the traffic laws. When walking, you cross only at intersections, wait for the “Walk” light and look both ways before you step off the curb. Unfortunately, however, some people…

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Winter Weather Can Affect Your Asphalt Pavement

For many people, winter is the most delightful season of all. For your asphalt parking lot, however, winter can be the cruelest season that it will face. It is not at all uncommon for property owners to be shocked by the amount of damage that their parking lots incurred between autumn and spring. Understanding how…

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Why End-Season Sealcoating Can Be Problematic

Maintaining your sealcoating is one of the nicest things you can do for your asphalt pavement. Sealants can double the pavement’s life, and as an added bonus, they can drastically improve its appearance. Many customers are aware of the protective properties that sealcoating provides, so they want to make sure that their pavements are fully…

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Alternatives – Sealcoating, Asphalt Resurfacing or Repaving

Asphalt pavement remains a popular choice for roadways and parking lots due to its economical costs and attractive appearance. Furthermore, properly installed asphalt pavement should have a life expectancy of 25 years or more if it receives timely repairs and proactive maintenance. Eventually, all asphalt pavements are going to need more than one or two…

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Crack Repair Is Vital for Asphalt Maintenance

Many people believe that autumn is the best season of the year. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange and red, temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold and the slight nip in the morning air serves as a reminder that the year is quickly drawing to a close. Soon, however, autumn will…

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Fix Your Potholes with Asphalt Repair

Although potholes are an unsightly annoyance, their impact can be more than aesthetic. People who stumble into them can injure themselves, and cars driving over them can suffer damage to their alignment, suspension or wheels. This could leave you on the wrong end of a lawsuit, and at the very least, your reputation could suffer.…

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Sand, Safety, and Sealcoating

Reputable sealcoating contractors following the manufacturer’s recommendations for mixing sealants. All manufacturers provide precise recipes that detail the amount of water that should be added, and the instructions also advise that silica sand should be added as well. Sand is needed even if special additives are included in the mix, such as additives to make…

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Property Managers And Asphalt Paving Maintenance

Parking Lot Striping July '16

When you are a property manager, it often seems as if the list of maintenance needs never ends. There are many different areas of the property that can need attention at the same time. Perhaps your landscaping is on life support, certain areas could use a fresh coat of paint or a tenant has noticed…

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Eco-friendly Green Paving

In recent years, Americans have become increasingly aware of the need to use resources wisely and protect the environment. Eco-friendly, environmentally safe, greenhouse gases, carbon footprint and going green are just a few of the terms that have found their way into everyday conversations. One relatively new term that you will be hearing more frequently…

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