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Line Striping

History of Parking Lot Striping

Although the Romans, Babylonians and some other ancient civilizations occasionally used bricks in a contrasting color to mark the center of a road, pavement marking has only been in use for about a century. Previously, piles of stone, short walls or shrubs were sometimes used as medians to separate traffic flowing in opposite directions. However,…

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Is It Possible To Remove Pavement Markings

Removing pavement markings is part of every professional asphalt contractor’s job description. Traffic flows may need to be altered, parking lots may have to be reconfigured or parking spaces may need to be removed from “reserved” status. There are many methods that the contractor might use to remove pavement markings, based on budget, scope and…

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Is it time to re-stripe your parking lot?


Re-striping is the process of painting new lines or touching up existing lines in a parking lot. Many parking lot owners hold off on this valuable service, but there are important reasons to prioritize re-striping. Benefits of Re-Striping a Parking LotThere are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed as a result of a re-striping service.…

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